Friday, April 27, 2012

Elitsa Todorova

Until a couple of weeks ago I had never  heard of this lady, even though she has twice represented Bulgaria in the Eurovision Song contest. As you can see, I've posted some of her videos next to the posts. The other performers are also well-known in their own right. Definitely worth your time.

Friday, April 20, 2012

My new Ipad 2

    Well, it certainly is a wonderful machine, but it has disadvantages that are not immediately apparent to a first-time-user like myself.
     First of all, after two days of fairly heavy use--which may be part of the problem--I have developed an ache in my right shoulder, the right side of my neck, the right elbow, and the base of my right thumb. I have not as yet noticed any problems with my left side.
     As far as I can determine at this early stage the main villain of the piece appears to be 'swiping,' the use of a finger to scroll pages on the screen. This is a bit tentative, but I've been doing more swiping than anything else up to now, and it is certainly not a natural motion. The constant pressing on icons may also pose a health risk: some of them respond to the slightest touch, but others must be pressed or tapped quite hard.
     It's possible that the swiping motion may be made safer by the use a stylus, but I haven't bought one yet. I did try to make my own, by taping a piece of bandage round the end of a pencil, but the ipad did not respond when I tried to swipe with it.
     According to some internet sites doctors are already beginning to treat stress injuries caused by swiping, as well as by the on-screen keyboard, and even by simply holding the device with the left hand for a prolonged period. Because of this, and also because it's a little difficult to type documents on the Ipad, I  bought a protective case containing a standard keyboard. This case is a trifle heavy, but it can be propped up when open, rather like a laptop, meaning there is no need to hold the Ipad all the time, something which puts too much pressure on the thumb. A further advantage of the case--or folio, as I believe it's called--is that the keyboard can be folded away behind the Ipad. The device can then be held like a book, or a large kindle, which is very convenient for reading. Not only that, there are Ipad reading apps where pages can be turned by the slightest touch on the corner of the screen.
    Even so, it might be best not to allow children unlimited access to an Ipad until Apple irons out the  problems I've mentioned, as well as others that will almost certainly arise.
     More to follow.
    (The folio case and keyboard I bought comes from 'Belkin.' Not cheap, but the keyboard is excellent, although the case can be a trifle awkward at first. By the way, if you decide to buy one, it's very important to remember to switch the keyboard off after use, not just the Ipad. If you forget, any pressure on the outside of the case can turn the Ipad on again, for some reason, something which does not happen when the keyboard is switched off. I don't know whether or not this is specific to the 'Belkin' keyboard.)